After Builders Cleaning Brixton

Living in a place without deep cleaning or renovating at least once a year is virtually impossible for many of us. When all the builders leave your place after the renovation work they leave a mess of dust, dirt, plastic and other fragments and you face the pain to clean all the debris and the rubble.

Moreover, every one of us who go through a renovation or construction work done would like to immediately move in to the place and start working as planned. In this scenario you want fast and efficient cleaning.

After Builders Cleaning in BrixtonPrices
After Builders Cleaningfrom £18

At this point our services in Brixton, London that target newly renovated properties come in handy. At Cleaners Brixton we perform all those cleaning tasks in your local area in South West London. Equipped with highly effective tools, detergents and cleaning machines we clean almost any thing that had been messed up by the builders.

The solutions that we provide are environmentally friendly and cannot damage in any way your home or the people who live there. We offer our services to big properties like offices as well as any small flats depending on your needs.

With a glimpse to the process below that we are involved in you will know what the whole package of cleaning could look like. It includes:

  • Vacuum cleaning and mopping
  • General dusting
  • Washing walls if the paint is waterproofed
  • Cleaning all windows, washing all doors
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom (includes tiles, showers, counters, taps, toilet, sink
  • Wiping all skirting boards, (sockets and light switches)
  • Polishing all surfaces (includes cupboards and wardrobes)
  • Cleaning inside and outside each of your kitchen appliances

Thus if you are in need of professional help to provide you with a quick and fast solution at the most competitive rates in the markets, then give us a call. We would be right there to deliver our services and rest assured of the efficiency at which our highly trained cleaners would work for you.

You could reach us by a call or even an email and would be surprised to see our response time which we allocate you for your needs. We are flexible in providing our services and customize our services as per your time and tight schedules.

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